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Hey folks! Pekka Kana 2 is an oldschool 2D platformer where you control a rooster called Pekka. Your mission in Pekka Kana 2 is to save Pekka's chicken friends from an evil crow. Games such as Super Mario, Jack Jazzrabbit, Sonic the Hedgehog, Turrican, and Brian the Lion have inspired me to make this game.

13.1.2008 Piste Gamez site has officially moved to That means that this page will no longer be updated and the latest files can be found at Pekka Kana 2's new homepage. You can download the latest (and last) version of the game (v1.21) and the editor from there. Check the blog and the forum for the latest news. And happy (late) New Year!

9.3.2007 Little update in the form of new translations (Slovak, Slovenia, Serbian, Indonesian, Russian and a new Polish translations which replaced the old (less accurate) translation). Well, 'new' maybe a bit wrong word, since some of them have been waiting in my mailbox for a long time (a few date back till year 2005 :-/ ). Anyways Big thanks for all the translators for their work and a Big appologie for the delay!  

4.7.2005 Well, it sure has been a while since this site was last updated. Finally I have had some time to do some coding, so I decided to upgrade the Level Editor a bit. The nasty window-minimizing-bug that causes the program to crash still remains, but thanks to the new automatic saving of settings and automatic backup, you can continue your work immediately when you start the editor again, and no work is lost. Please don't throw stones at me for this coming so late. I know some people who have been quite pissed about the crashing editor taking hours of work with it. There's no patch this time, sorry.

There's a big bunch of translations in my mailbox (some sent over a year ago), that I hope to have time to go through on my holiday (4 more days to go).

Oh yeah, and I little decoreated this site to make it look more fun. I hope you like it :) Nice summer to everyone!

23.12.2003 Merry X-Mas everyone! Here's a small Christmas present from Piste Gamez:
Pekka Kana 2 Level Editor!! Also notice the new Danish translation and manual. Good work Drake1009! Now, the bad news is that the third episode won't come out in a long while.
The good news is that you can now make your own episodes. Which reminds me, that the game itself needs a few updates to fully support custom episodes. The episode selection screen can't hold very many episodes... Anyways, thanks again to everyone who has send me mail or posted
stuff at the forum. If I always don't have the time to reply, it doesn't mean I haven't read what you have said.
Oh, and remember: Make levels, not war :)

21.11.2003 Daniele Stifani and Omar Luciani have both translated the manual (for version 1.1) to Italy, so now there are two Italian manuals available! Once again, two manuals in the same language is a bit overkill, but I didn't want to waste anyone's hard work. So good work, both of you!

8.11.2003 New translations available! Phew, the Italians sure have been busy making translations (6 translations in total). Too bad I'v been too busy (and too lazy) to update the site. So my appologies to everyone who have send translations. Sorry it took this long. 6 Italina translations maybe an overkill, but I didn't want to waste anyones hard work :) There's also a Swedish translation available, so if you're from the other side of the Gulf of Bothnia you might want to check that out.

Bernd Schulze from Germany has translated PK2's manual to German. Good work Bernd! Get the manual from here.

Once again a big thanks to all feedback senders. And please remember that you can send feedback and questions to our new forum as well. You might even get a reply much faster that way.

28.9.2003 I updated the full installation package. The installation package ( now includes:
- An installer program (created using Clickteam Installer Creator) that will install...
- Pekka Kana 2 the game (full version 1.1)
- Episodes "Rooster Island 1" (fixed version) and "Rooster Island 2".
- English Manual
- 17 translations of the game including English, Finnish, French, Spanish, German etc.

There are not many big changes in the 1.1 version, but here's the list:

- Bugs with X and S keys fixed.
- Problems with selecting language fixed.
- Now it's possible to return to a previously cleared level on the map screen.
- INSERT = Show framerate during the game.
- Some minor improvements.

If you don't want to download the full package to update version
1.0 to 1.1, there is also a patch file available.

27.9.2003 Pekka Kana 2's second episode "Rooster Island 2 is ready"! Go for it!
I also updated the translation list. Thanks again to everybody who have sent me translations.

If you have problems with the game, or have thoughts/news/opinions about Pekka Kana 2 that you want to share with other players, there is forum for it at
Everybody is welcome, but please read the general rules of the forum first.

I'm doing my graduate work for Helsinki Business Polytechnic, so I don't have as much time for Pekka Kana as I would hope I had. For that reason everything is happening very slow. So if you have send me email and haven't got the reply yet, don't worry: I try to reply to all the mails I get. Same goes for translations. If you have send me one and it isn't listed at translations list, I haven't deleted it or anything.

I'm working on the level editor, but because of the graduate work, I'm not sure when will it be released. Patience is a virtue and so on...

23.8.2003 A new and improved version of the first episode "Rooster Island 1" is now available.
The new version fixes some of the game's problems including some difficult/annoying jumps
where sometimes you had to try many times before you could move on (especially in level 7).
There are also other improvements. There are no new levels (sorry), but all levels have new
secret places and items. All the levels have names now - something I forgot to do before release :-/

Also, a BIG thanks to everyone who has send me translations of Pekka Kana 2. Too bad there are so
many of them, specially German translations, that I haven't included them all here. That is, what's
the point of having 50 different translations to same language here? So, a big thanks for you trouble
everyone! :) And, no more German or French translations please!


Download Pekka Kana 2 v1.1 [6.6 MB]
While downloading, why not read the manual (also included with the game)?

Installation: Use WinZip or other similar program to unzip the PK2.ZIP-archive.
Start the installation program by double-clicking "Pekka Kana 2 Installer.exe".
Follow the instructions.

Download Pekka Kana 2 v1.1 patch [395 KB]
Installation: Use WinZip or other similar program to unzip the PK2.ZIP-archive.
Start the installation program by double-clicking "PK2 v1.1 Installer.exe".
Follow the instructions.

Download Level Editor v0.91 beta [588 KB]
Installation: Use WinZip or other similar program to unzip the PK2EDITOR.ZIP-archive.
Start the installation program by double-clicking "LevelEditorInstaller.exe".
Follow the instructions.


Rooster Island 1 (a new and better version) [39.5 KB]

Pekka is a rooster that lives in a farm in far away land called Finland.
Pekka's job at the farm is to guard a henhouse full of (surprise!) chickens. Everything
goes nice and peacefully, until one night...

... Something terrible happens: Someone steals all the chickens! And that someone is
a wicked and crooked minded crow called "The Evil One" (a one spooky bird).
Now, Pekka has to save all the stolen chickens and bring them back. And yes, to kick
one ugly crow butt from here to infinity...

But it won't be easy! The Evil One (friends call him Evil) has a horrible mind-bending device
that he uses to control his army of hypnotized animals. They are also victims of The Evil One,
but as long as Evil One has them, they are your enemies.

Installation: Use WinZip or other similar program to unzip the ZIP-archive. Extract the files to the same folder (important) where you installed the game (e.g. C:\Games\PK2). When you are asked if you want to overwrite files, answer yes to all. Once again, check that the "Use folder names" option is on.

Rooster Island 2 [2.17 MB]

The plot thickens! After saving the chickens it becomes obvious why The Evil One kidnapped
Pekka's friends in the first place. Chicken brains are for some reason immune to The Evil One's
mind bending device (perhaps too small?)! Pekka also finds out (with his tiny brains) that Evil One has also been experimenting with strange voodoo magics and gene manipulation. But that's not all!
Rumours tell, that The Evil One is finishing the final prototypes of a new kind of world domination
weapon. It is called "The Metal Hen"! Together these horrifying robots are capable of launching
a world wide mind-bending wave, that even the chickens can not escape! Once again you must
stop The Evil One from taking over the world! And if you thought it was difficult last time - now
it really gets ugly...

Oh, and did I mention - he kidnapped your friends again. Isn't he just evil?

Installation: Download the installer program by right clicking on the title and choosing "Save Target As". After downloading has finished, start the installation program. Read the instructions and select the folder on your hard drive where you have installed Pekka Kana 2 (e.g. C:\Games\PK2).
Note: This installation also includes the Rooter Island 1 patch above, so you don't have to download it if you download and install this.

SCREENSHOTS (click to enlarge)
Note: Some pictures may be out of date. There may have been changes in the game
after the screenshots were taken.
Episode: Rooster Island 1
shot 1 shot 2 shot 3 shot 4
shot 5 shot 6 shot 7 shot 8
Episode: Rooster Island 2
shot 1 shot 2 shot 3 shot 4

shot 5 shot 6 shot 7 shot 8
Right click on the link and choose "Save Target As...". Save the file to game's language folder (eg. "C:\Games\PK2\language").
Nice work Iv4n!
Jordi Bellmunt Morera
Thanks Jordi!
Tomas Macek
Thanks Tomas!
Petr Kyrian
Thanks Petr!
Igor Stojanovic
Thanks Igor (aka. Maker)!
Thanks Drake1009!
Finnish (Savo)
Tero Komulainen
Loistava käännös savoksi! Tattis Tero!
Finnish (Slangi)
Heikki Salko
Heikki kääns Pekan läpät vähä rennompaa muotoon. Kiitti Heikki. Päivitetty 21.11.2003.
Finnish (Tervola) Jorma Hurtig Kiitokset Jormalle!
Thierry Septembre
Thanks Thierry!
Bruno H. Frappreau
Thanks Bruno!
Anxo Pazos
Thanks Anxo!
Rene Clobes
The best German translation IMHO.
Sebastian Schöngen
A bit wicked German translation by Sebastian.
Another German translation. By the authors of
Németh 'FooLman' Gábor
Congrats to FooLman for being the first to translate PK2.
Indonesian William Surya Permana Thanks William!
Sergio Giustri
Sergio was the first to send an Italian translation. Thanks!
Jack Torrone
Thanks Jack!
Accardo Ernesto
Thanks Accardo!
Dario Cassina
Thanks Dario!
Pasqua Francesco
Thanks Pasqua!
Omar Luciani
Thanks Omar!
Dejan Aleksov
Thanks Dejan!
Wessel Bakker
Thanks Wessel!
Victory Games
Portuguese (Brazil)
Alexandre Cury
Thanks Alexandre!
Russian Axeon Thanks Axeon!
Russian Ivanov Nikolay Thanks Ivanov!
Serbian Lidija Jankovic Thanks Lidija!
Slovenian Andrej Mernik aka. R33D3M33R Thanks Andrej!
Slovak Anton Praznovsky Thanks Anton!
Spanish (Castellano)
Julio Diaz
Thanks Julio!
José A. Malvárez
Thanks José!
Oscar Carballal
Thanks Oscar!
Mattias Andersson
Jätte bra! Tack Mattias!
Please note, that the game supports only Finnish alphabets (a-z, å, ä and ö), so the translations may look a bit strange. It's not the translators fault, it's mine :)
Right click on the link and choose "Save Target As...". Save the file to game's folder (eg. "C:\Games\PK2").
Well done Drake1009!
Dutch Marnix Amperse Thanks Marnix!
Bernd Schulze
Danke schön Bernd!
Daniele Stifani
Good work Daniele!
Omar Luciani
Thanks Omar!
Polish Victory Games Thanks!
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